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Studio Policy


Reservations, Deposits, and Final Payments: 


Reservations/Deposits: Nxt Platu Production will gladly place a tentative hold on your studio reservation for up to 24 hours at no charge, but within 24 hours of the hold placed, your studio reservation must be booked or cancelled by you. At the time of booking a 50% non-refundable deposit for desired timeframe booked is due and required. The entire deposit is put towards any session work done on those days for which the deposit is taken. Should you choose to cancel your recording session or otherwise not show up your deposit will NOT be refunded. Your deposit may, however, be refunded (at Nxt Platu Production sole discretion) if both: 1) the client rebooks the day cancelled for another day in the studio and provides an additional deposit for that new booking, and 2) Nxt Platu Production is able to successfully rebook the day for which your deposit was held. 


Final Payment: The final payment for all work completed is due at the end of the recording session, without exception. No product, whether it be uploads, cd’s, dvd’s, demos, hard drive transfers, or any other media will be released to the client until the current balance due is paid in full. 


How we Compute Hours/Cost: Nxt Platu Production computes billings on a per-hour basis for all work occupying the Nxt Platu Production Recording Studio Facility. All work with the exception of a handful of unmanned duplication and transfer tasks are billed at the hourly rate prescribed to your particular session. Any task that ties up the studio which you have booked - whether it be tracking, mixing, mastering, editing, recording equipment setup, simple CD-burning, punches, fixes, remixes, voiceovers, etc. - are billed at the prescribed hourly rate. While client load in and load out are not billed, any setup involving an engineer - including microphone/stand setup, session template setup, etc. - is billed normally. In many cases, however, in order to maintain the most efficient uses of the studio, an engineer will be building his session templates, patching, or otherwise doing setup work simultaneous to the artists loading in and setting up themselves. In some cases, and when available, more than one engineer may be required or preferred for tasks such as setup, or otherwise managing very large productions. When this is required, in order to keep client costs at a minimum, and production quality at its best, the room rate will be billed hourly, and the additional engineer will be billed separately, only for the time requested/required. This option, by design, is to keep client costs as low as possible by providing the most efficient use of the studio as possible. For example, once setup begins, if there is an opportunity to save the client money by having more than one engineer involved (by reducing the overall studio time billed) Nxt Platu Production may make this recommendation, or simply provide an additional engineer, billed separately, for this purpose. 

    While our billing practices are typical for most high-end commercial studios like Nxt Platu Production, the good news is that our extremely low hourly rates make all of this possible even for projects on smaller budgets. We can work with you to minimize time, and work as efficiently as possible when sessions are properly planned in advance. With proper planning, and proper budgeting of time and money, sessions can, and do, come in within budget. 


Hourly Minimums: Nxt Platu Production enforces minimum hourly charges for client work in the Nxt Platu Production Studios. The hourly minimum does not apply to multiple day, or long-standing client work, nor does it apply to quick fixes, edits, and other work done on a client’s project should they need to return following a session to make those changes. The Nxt Platu Production minimum hourly booking is only four hours. Please keep in mind that the 4 hour minimum includes setup time, which may vary depending upon your needs.  If by chance your project does not require four hours of studio time the remaining balance may be applied to other services provided at Nxt Platu Production, including but not limited to mixing, mastering, editing, remixing, CD burning, another studio session at a later date or gifting to another artist using the studio.




Lockout Policy: 

“Lockout” Definition at Nxt Platu Production: Nxt Platu Production defines the term lockout to mean that the studio is reserved exclusively for the client during the lockout period. No other work will be allowed to take place in any way that shall interfere with the client’s locked-out session. When a client makes a lockout reservation, all instrument setups, microphone positioning, preamp/EQ/Compressor settings, patch-bay patches, mix positions, etc. can be left exactly as they are from day-to-day without any disruption nor manipulation by others. This also means that all client valuables can be placed safely under lock and key without the need for the client to take these valuables such as their musical instruments to their hotel or home each night. “Lockouts” are available for all types of session work, including tracking, mixing, mastering, etc. 


Lockout Requirement: To meet the Nxt Platu Production lockout policy, the client must book the studio for multiple consecutive days in a row, with a minimum average hourly use of eight hours per day. The lockout will be provided at no additional charge to the client provided that they do meet the hourly minimum, on average, across the lockout period. For example, to reserve a three day lockout, the client will be billed a minimum of 24 hours of studio time.  Should studio requirements amount to less than 24 hours total during that period of time the client will only be billed for actual time used.   For instance, should you work for twelve hours on day one and only four hours on day two, you will still be provided one lockout between days one and two, and only be billed for sixteen hours total. The remaining lockouts will be lifted and the studio will be available for use to other clients.


Lockout vs. Hourly Billables: Nxt Platu Production does not differentiate between the hourly charges for clients wishing to utilize a multi-day lockout. This means that you are billed for the hours that you utilize at Nxt Platu Production an hourly, not daily, basis. Accordingly, securing a lockout does not mean that you may utilize Nxt Platu Production and one of our engineers for twelve hours in one day, and only be billed for eight hours. You will be billed for the full twelve hours of time that you utilize in the studio. 


Discounts for Extended Lockouts: Extended Lockouts stretching into multiple weeks may be provided some additional discounting, depending on the length and type of use that the client is looking for. These are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire with us to determine the costs associated with your desired recording session Nxt Platu Production Studio.


Credit Card Payment Policy: Nxt Platu Production does accept all major credit and debit cards including AMEX, VISA, MC, Discover, and paypal. However, we are charged at minimum 2% to process these types of payments. All prices quoted are for our cash-discounted prices. If you wish to utilize a credit card, the charge is 2% higher. 


Smoking Indoors and Drugs Prohibited: Nxt Platu Production expressly prohibits smoking indoors, and does not allow illegal drugs on our premises. Nxt Platu does have a convenient outdoor area available to all clients utilizing the Nxt Platu facility where smoking is allowed. 


Food and Drink Not Permitted On or Near Instruments or Equipment: No food or drink is allowed on or near any of the instruments 

including, but not limited to, the keyboard, the drum set, and the Control Room Recording Desk. No food or drink is permitted beyond the producer desk in the Control Room. Drinks in the Live Room (recording room) is allowed, but must be contained in a screw-top bottle with the top engaged when not being consumed. Otherwise, food and drink is permitted with caution. If an artist has a special need that otherwise cannot be met by the above policy, permission may be granted but only on a case-by-case basis. There are numerous areas where food and drink can be consumed throughout the studio common areas, and in the sitting area of the control room. Studio clients are responsible for providing their own bottled drinks if they wish to consume beverages inside the actual studio. Any food or drink is the artist’s responsibility to provide. Catering and other food and drink can be provided by the studio at a cost, and should be arranged for prior to the recording session. 


Damage Policy: Normal wear and tear to the premises and equipment associated with your session is anticipated and by no means is preventing this a client responsibility. However, any damage associated with misuse of the studio, failure to follow the rules of the studio, any accidental breakage, or liquid spills that cause substantial damage, by a client or client’s visitor, is the financial responsibility of the client. Nxt Platu takes special care in limiting the studio to respectful and responsible musicians and makes every effort to educate clients, musicians, and their visitors of the particularly high value and fragile nature the instruments, equipment and facility; but, it is the client’s duty to make sure everyone participating in a project as a musician or any other visitor is aware of their obligation to maintain care around these valuables. For certain uses of the studio, an additional damage-deposit may be required, but whether or not a deposit is required does not limit the total cost of the damages in any way, as all damages even those that exceed any deposit requirement will be billed to the client. Nxt Platu advises that particular care be taken when alcoholic beverages are involved, or visitors are intoxicated or impaired, and reminds the client that any damage to the equipment, facility, or instruments, is the client’s responsibility and will be billed at full replacement cost, including the man-hours involved in procurement or management of the replacement or repair.  Nxt Platu reserves the right to deny use, cut session short, or eject any unruly clients and or visitors without refund.




Data Backup availability and note on Backups: 

While not required, a data backup is a necessary device, and small price to pay for long term access and guaranteed backup of your work. Our computers do read most formats such as USB, Firewire, and eSata. However, if you have specific compatibility concerns about a specific protocol, or for some reason desire that your session be run directly from an external drive (not recommended for primary drive for direct tracking purposes), we do highly recommend that you speak to an engineer prior to assuming your drive will work. 

Nxt Platu Production bears no responsibility for data that the client chooses not to have backed up by a secondary device in the event of a drive failure. Additionally, upon departing Nxt Platu with the backup, it is the client’s responsibility to check for corrupt data immediately upon receiving the hard drive to verify that the drive contains everything that they need and the drive and data is intact, in complete, working condition. Nxt Platu can retain the original information for some days following your session, if you do need the extra time to verify data integrity at the drive’s destination. This being said, and because hard drives can fail, it is always a good practice to maintain two physical backups of all necessary data, and verify that BOTH have all of the data that you need in an uncorrupted format. If you would like for Nxt Platu to have your hard drives guaranteed available for your session, please make this request within 5 business days of your session start date. 

It is best practice to utilize 2x backups, and backup after each day of session work. For multi-day lockout sessions the engineer can leave the backup process running overnight. To the extent the client does not wish to retain a backup of his / her material after all session work is completed, it is still a good practice to utilize 1x external backup throughout the course of the session, and to be perfectly safe, to keep the backups offsite in case of some kind of accident involving the core computer. If the client does not wish to pay for any backups, the engineer may require at least redundant locations inside the computer, or on a Nxt Platu Production hard disk due to the chance of hard drive failure. 




Studio Policy
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