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     Copy and Transfer of Old Records or Cassette's :

Good quality transfers of old material take time.

Please see the bottom of this page for copy and transfer pricing.  There are a lot of factors that determine the pricing.  Example:  A direct transfer of an LP in good condition without indexing starts at $18.00 per LP.  Clean up and indexing of an LP record, (12 songs max), starts at $38.00 per LP and could go higher depending on the condition of the LP and the amount of time it would take to restore it to the desired state.

 Cassette Tape Copy and Transfers from 60 minute or less cassette tapes are the same as old vinyl records above for up to 12 songs.  Cassettes longer than 60 minutes or containing more than 12 songs would be charged $28.00 for a direct copy to CD or if edited, cleaned and indexed the normal $38.00 per cassette plus an additional charge of $3.20 per song for each song above 12 songs or each five minutes of audio over sixty minutes before editing.

The customer will be responsible for all copy right royalty, and /or mechanical license!

   Professional Voice Over Work:

As low as - $30.00 to $50.00 for first hour and $25.00 / hour for additional hours, depending on the person 

Call us with your particular needs for pricing.

            Audio Transfers $40.00/hr 
            Video Transfers $50.00/hr





Other Services
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