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NxT Platu Production
Studio Produced Music Tracks




 Non Custom Music Tracks: $50.00 - $200.00

 (These music tracks are produced in our studio by one of the in house producers without the customer present in the studio


Custom Pro Demo Tracks: Starting at $250.00


 (These music tracks are done in our studio with our studio musician and the customer working together to create their song).

(Keyboard sequence and/or live instruments)
  Using our Chief Studio Musician: 

Antoine Chambers



We are very proud of our high quality studio produced music tracks. Especially since they rival the quality of much more expensive music tracks. For example, our Custom Pro Demo Tracks cost $650.00 per song and may contain, high quality fully instrumented keyboard sequences or keyboard live play, live bass, live guitar including rhythm and lead using acoustic guitar, electric guitar or both, harmonica, etc. with or without effects.  These tracks compare to tracks costing much more.  Our Chief studio musician works directly with the customer in our studio to try and bring to life the style and sounds the customer is looking for.





Studio Produced Music Tracks
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