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Blocked Studio Time




Discounted Block Time:

Must be paid prior to recording date unless paid by cash

4 Hour Block @ $100.00

6 Hour Block @ $180.00

10 Hour Block @ $240.00

16 Hour Block @ $300.00

20 Hour Block @ $420.00

30 Hour Block @ $650.00

40 Hour Block @ $900.00 




 **50% Deposit on Blocked Hourly Rates over 10 hours




All block rates include the same as the basic studio rate listed on the services page. The customer does not have to use the entire block of time during one session.  The customer may divide their block into smaller blocks of thirty minutes each, but not less than four hour blocks for live bands, or one hour blocks for song writers recording single instrument demos. Each four hour block will include a fifteen minute break, and each eight hour block will include a one hour meal break. Any time over-runs will be charged at the regular studio rate unless another block of time is purchased.






















Blocked Studio Time
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