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Sing A Long Packages




Sing-a-long packages: (Recorded Karaoke)  



The sing-a-long package price, covers all cost including the $5.00 charge for multitracking and the $11.75 charge for the final Master CD.  The customer must supply their own sing-a-long music track(s).  Packaged pricing is primarily designed for first time recording where afixed price is the issue, not recording quality.

When recording using the package pricing, the singer will only be given two takes with limited punch-in's.  The best of the two takes will be used.

Recording is done on digital multi tracking equipment with punch in's, edit and final mix. Limit 20 minutes each song,
including mixdown time, for package priced Sing-A-Longs.


$50.00 Package price per song or

$230.00 Package price for 5 songs.

  If sing-a-longs are done at the hourly rate, rather than the packaged price rate, the time and number of takes or punch-in's depends on how long you want to spend on the project.


For a more professional sound, Sing-a-longs may be done at the regular studio rate or by purchasing block time:  The above package price sing-a-longs are not designed for quality finished vocal or instrumental work.  Normally quality recording requires more time for recording, edit and mix down than that offered in the above packages.  Those who need to perfect their material  should use Block Time or the Hourly Rate for their recording.  


 Master CD prices are not included in the block or hourly rate pricing.











Sing A Long Packages
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